Sparkle Motion T Shirt


Our Sparkle Motion T Shirt is probably the coolest t shirts ever designed on this planet, or any other planet. If Fonzie were real, he'd wear this shirt everyday while he rides his motorcycle. If Prince knew this shirt existed, he'd probably break out that purple motorcycle he rode in Purple Rain. Here at Memphis Threat we were beginning to get sick of people doubting our commitment to Sparkle Motion, so we did something about it. We designed this awesome shirt with a unicorn shooting magical stars out of its horn. The front says 'Sparkle Motion', and the back says 'Never doubt my commitment'. If you wear this shirt, no one will ever be able to doubt your commitment, ever again.





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A 4.5 ounce 100% organic ringspun cotton tee-shirt with a removable “tear-away” label. This shirt is lightweight enough to be cool in the hot summer, but not so lightweight it won’t last. In addition, the cotton is “ring-spun” which makes the tee shirt softer and more comfortable than your average tee. We guarantee you’ll be comfortable in this shirt.

Sparkle Motion T Shirt

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